Why Wouldn't Ya? - Jess Eva


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She can't promise to make you rich, quick-fix your relationships or help you lose wight. But she is going to show you how to relax, get out of your own head (and other people's) and start to see life as one big adventure.

Are you a negative narcissist? Has your inner narrative made you a victim of your own thoughts? Have you searched for validation in the spiritual penis? Jess has - MANY TIMES!

The stories we tell ourselves about our worth are so important, and we often get it so wrong. Incredible people deserve to know they're incredible. And that's YOU! Instead of focusing on what you shouldn't be doing, Jess will help you start to do all the things you really want to - because why wouldn't ya?

As Jess will show you, through her humour, mad stories and down-to-earth wisdom, the worst that could happen is you'll end up with a bloody good story to tell.