The Seven Elemental Forces of Huna - Susanne Weikl


Huna is an ancient shamanic tradition from Hawaii that recognises seven elemental Nature powers into which we can tap anywhere and at any time, Connect your soul with water, fire, wind, rock, plants, animals, and beings of light. The simple exercises, techniques, and rituals that this book provides will enable you to sense and meet each of the elemental forces and draw on their strength for empowerment. Open yourself to this infinite reserve of energy, find answers to difficult questions, seek support for manifesting positive outcomes, connect to your intuitive source for decoding symbols in nature. Learn how to build a power circle of the elements to anchor your connection to their energies. It is easier than you think to become a Nature energy worker and reinvigorate your life.

Susanne Weikl is a Huna teacher and naturopath with many years experience. In her work she conveys how the forces of Nature can helps us to live our lives with ease and strength.