The Relationship First Aid Kit - Timothy O'Leary


Relationship advice often centres on what not to do, rather than what to do. But we already know why we shouldn't yell at our partner, put each other down, or neglect our relationship. What we need to know, is what to do instead, especially when we're stressed!

The Relationship First Aid Kit divided into three sections, filled with easy-to-learn tips and effective strategies for dealing with common relationship problems:

-Common injuries identifies how couples get stuck, and shows the main strategies to heal you relationship injuries.

-Applying relationship first aid is a step-by-step approach to converting negatives into closeness.

-Preventative medicine shows you how to strengthen your relationship by preventing problems, and dealing with existing issues, before they escalate.

The Relationship First Aid kit will show you how to sustain a healthy and loving relationship with your partner, and get happier, together!