The Path of Healing - H.K Challoner


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We hav e remarkable inner resources for health and healing. We can learn to draw on the power of our souls to breathe fresh life into ourselves. However, emotions like self-pity and resentment get in the way. These "recalcitrant selves" can become deeply en trenched and hard to overcome. Too much self-concern is another barrier. Empathy with others and absorption in creative activity can help free us. Meditating on our place in the Unity of Being weakens the seeds of illness in the seemingly separated self. As we open to the flow of the soul's energy, we become healed and transformed.

Author Challoner in the guise of a channeled teacher shares such healing ideas with a patient. New helpful attitudes are prescribed, as well as meditations and exercises like these:

-Remind yourself constantly that this personality, which so often constricts, binds and thwarts your desires and aspirations and colours all your conscious acts and thoughts, is no more than the swathes of matter in which the true "you" has temporarily clothed its bright form.

-Open yourself out to every impulse coming from the soul, and so we learn to transcend barriers of the senses which obstruct your efforts to identify yourself with the universal spirit.

-Breathe, drawing mentally the vital air of morning into the furthest recesses of your being. While doing so, dedicate yourself to the Lord of all things, from whom alone come the regenerative forces of light and love. Feel them pouring in through your soul, and affirm to yourself that they can lead and guide you....rightly.

-Try to visualise the whole vast cosmos as one pulsating, dynamic, creative field of consciousness.....wherein all must be known by all in some process of timeless participation.