Solve for Happy - Mo Gawdat


AS an engineer with the highly sensitive Google (X) programme, Mo was always fascinated by the challenge of rebooting happiness when it seemed elusive. His analytical mind broke the problem of happiness down to its smallest components, adopting a facts driven approach that would scalable and replicable. He challenged every process he'd been told to blindly implement, tested the fit of every moving part, and looked deeply into the validity of every input as he worked to create an algorithm that would produce the desired result. As a software developer, he set a target to find the code that could be applied to anyone's life again and again to predictably deliver happiness every time.

Happiness was a conceptual problem for Mo Gawdat until the day he suddenly and unexpectedly lost his wonderful teenage son, Ali. Then it became a practical, personal, and profoundly urgent problem. Could he return himself, and his family, to their normal resting state of happiness, using the algorithm he had developed, even after such a tragedy as losing their dearly loved child and brother?

He put the system to the test and it worked. Stress from losing a business deal, long security lines at the airport, bad customer service - none of it could dim his happiness. Daily life as a husband, parent, son, friend, employee had its inevitable ups and downs, but no matter how any particular day went, good or bad - or a little of each - he found that he was able to enjoy the ride of the roller coaster itself. And using the Solve for Happy algorithm, so you can.