Sodalite, Hematite, and Orange Calcite Ring - 925 Silver - Size 9.5


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SODALITE may assist with:

-Enhances intuition

-Mental clarity and calmness to the mind

-Third-eye chakra awareness

-Emotional balance

-Overcomes negativity

-Communicating personal truth


HEMATITE may assist with:

-Grounds and stabilises



-Offers courage and strength

-Endurance and stamina

-Connects the body, mind, and spirit into balance

-Focuses and harmonises the mind


ORANGE CALCITE may assist with:

-Highly energises your energy field

-Abundantly joyful

-Cleanses the physical body

-Improves creativity

-0Stimulates memory

-Embraces your soul journey

-Increases motivation to maximise personal potential

-Intuitive awareness