Made Whole - Christina Curp


Good health begins with good food, but for many, that isn't enough. Maybe dairy throws off your digestion or grains give you migraines. Maybe you're dealing with food allergies or an autoimmune disorder. Maybe you want to try a low-carb diet for more stable blood sugar. And maybe you're finding that it's not easy to cook food that works for both your body and your taste buds.

Christina Curp has been there, and she's got a recipe for that! In Made Whole, she combines the whole-foods approach of Paleo with a low-carb ketogenic diet that's free of grains, gluten, sugar, nuts, dairy, and nightshades.

Inspired by her Cuban roots and experience as a chef from her mother's Miami restaurant to San Diego and Hawaii, Christina combines whole-food, ancestral ingredients with international flavours and preparations. The mouthwatering recipes include:

-Slower cooker arroz con pollo

-Crispy Kalua pork and Korean vegetable salad

-Toasted coconut salmon

-Turkey cheeseburgers with crispy rainbow slaw

-Chewy chocolate chip cookies 

Christina also shares how she learned to create a new relationship with food that started with self-love, and she offers guidance for figuring out what diet and lifestyle work best for you and your body.

It's not about what you can't eat, it's about what you can. Made whole explores the limitless options to help you live and eat well.