Intimate Conversations with The Divine - Caroline Myss


"When we pray, we ask the Divine to show us how to see, how to speak, how to create. We ask God to reveal, to illuminate, the right path for us. God, show me how to see this....Then, suddenly, the word hope arises in you. Or patience. This word, this revelation, becomes the most holy word you have..... This is the true meaning of prayer: a request for help in how to see."

In her most personal book to date, beloved teacher and best-selling author  Caroline Myss draws on her practice to help us regain our fluency in the language of prayer and renew our connection to the sacred. Intimate Conversations with The Divine offers 100 of Myss's personal prayers as a resource and inspiration to start a daily prayer practice of your own. The prayers in these pages touch on the full range of the human experience:love and loss, anxiety and hope, birth and death, joy and faith. And each illustrates a different type of grace that feeds the human soul, from healing, endurance, and awakening, to silence, surrender, and trust. 

"We are one holy system of life and great cosmic truth, which is that all life - including all of us - breathes together," Myss writes. "I hope this book, these prayers, will bring you comfort and grace, and help you through the difficult times ahead. And I hope they will inspire you to believe that with God, all things are possible."