Inner Strength Crystal Box


Bronzite - Increases your determination to overcome the challenges experienced in life. It increases self-assertion, restores composure, allowing you to see the bigger picture with a different perspective.

Picture Jasper - Gives courage and promotes positive life choices, guiding you to trust yourself and your perceptions.

Hematite - Has strong psychological affects, boosting self-esteem, survivability, willpower, and imparting confidence. It removes self-limitations, helping you to believe in yourself, and restoring peace and harmony to the body.

Agate - Is a stone of acceptance and great inner strength, dissolving internal tension, and giving us the courage to start again.

Red Jasper - Holds the energy of inspiration and motivation, enabling confidence and action to make your dreams come true. It manifests strength, courage and wisdom to overcome to overcome negative thought patterns, opening you up to the infinite possibilities.