Health Crystal Box


Shungite - Is considered to be the "miracle stone" or the "stone of life". Containing virtually all the minerals in the periodic table, it boosts physical well-being and has a positive impact on the immune system due to its high anti-oxidant levels.

Hematite - Removes negative energies and dis-ease from the body, all whilst preventing negative energy to enter our aura.

Chlorite in Quartz - Will help to cleanse the aura, chakras and energy meridians. It works both with the physical and auric bodies to detoxify and purify, gently removing and dissipating any energies that are creating dis-ease.

Amethyst - Is an all over healer. It brings a healing energy from the crown to the base chakra, acting as a vacuum to remove unwanted debris.

Bloodstone - Is used for good health.

Gift box and meaning card included.