Hacking Happiness - John C. Havens


In Hacking Happiness, futurist and contributing Mashable writer John C. Havens introduces you to your "quantified self" - your digital identity represented by gigabytes or data produced from tracking your activities on your smartphone or computer. Havens argues that mega-corporations such as Google, Facebook, and Amazon gather the data because of its immense economical value, encouraging a culture of "sharing" while simultaneously hoarding information based on our lives, for private monetary gain.

While Edward Snowden's revelations exposed the depths of government surveillance on our private affairs, Hacking Happiness points out the dangers of losing our digital identities to the highest bidder.

But there's an alternative to this digital dystopia. Emerging technologies will help us reclaim this valuable data for ourselves, so we can directly profit from the insights linked to our quantified selves. At the same time, sensors in smartphones and wearable devices will help us track our emotions to improve our well-being, using the science of positive psychology. Havens purposes that these trends that will lead to new economic policies that redefine the meaning "wealth", allowing governments to create policy focused on purpose rather than productivity. 

An issues book highlighting the benefits of an examined life in the digital world, this timely work illustrates how controlling and utilising insights from our personal data  can result in a happier humanity.