Ganesh intertwined with the Aum Om Ohm Pendant - 925 Silver


Ganesh symbolises:

-Clearing away obstacles and creating a path for forward movement




-Total acceptance


-Intelligence and Power

-Achieving to the level of your greatest potential

-Good fortune



Aum Om Ohm symbolises:

-The Universe - that's all encompassing of creation, manifestation, and destruction

-A sacred sound within a variety of traditions

-The Union of the mind, body, and spirit

-Compassion and Connection

-The 5 states of consciousness: The waking state of being, the unconscious, the dream state - which lays between the the waking and unconscious, illusion - where resides obstacles that are encountered on the spiritual journey of thy self, and the absolute state - where the highest state of consciousness resides, the ultimate state of spiritual bliss where you can just be.


Each Pendant may slightly vary.