Energy Medicine for Animals - Diane Budd


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Vibrational medicine offers a natural, effective, and hands on response to animal ailments and disturbances. In the absence of a shared language of words, energetic healing can connect a human more closely to an animal while at the same time working on the physical body, the chakras, and the different layers of the animals aura or energy field.

In this book, animal communicator and healer Diane Budd shares her experience of working with animals energetically. Topics covered here are:

-The different types of animal auras, various personalities, and soul evolvement level.

-What happens in the energy fields of an animal communicator and a horse, dog, or cat when they are connecting telepathically.

-What is zoopharmacognosy or animal self-selection, how does it assist to promote physical and emotional release and healing, not only for animals but humans too.

-The influence of an animals past-life on present-day issues, whether it be a past-life connection with the current owner or an issue that the animal needs to learn to work with in the current life. 

-What can high sense perception (HSP) reveal to a healer or an animal owner. How to try and make sense of what you are getting on an intuitive level, and what the benefits are.

Full of animal communication stories and groundbreaking research on animal energy fields, this is the most enlightening book for health practitioners and healers but also for animal lovers wanting to know more about their animal friends. Thought-provoking and inspiring, Energy Medicine for Animals guides our thinking and understanding to a new level of healing that becomes possible.