Dreamguider - Denyse Beaudet PhD


Do you want to know what your child's dreams mean? How can you help your child deal with nightmares? Is your child having "normal" dreams? Here is the only dream handbook available that helps, the parent, understand and learn from your child's active, dreaming mind. Denyse Beaudet, a Jungian development psychologist for more than twenty five years, has helped countless parents understand their children's dreaming lives by engaging them in your children's dream world. With Dreamguider, you can:

-Increase your child's comfort with night-time and dreams

-Help your child to accept and work gracefully with nightmares by explaining how to come to terms with "dream monsters"

-Gain insight into your child's thoughts, feelings, and imagination

-Match your child's dream themes to accepted stages in child development

-Encourage your child's creativity

-Strengthen communication with your child

Dreamguider is a truly remarkable roadmap for you and your child to explore the dreaming world, providing practical advice, real-life experiences, examples, and anecdotes along the way. Tonight's dream is tomorrow's teaching moments.