Defiant - Janine Shepherd


Of one thing I'm certain: I am not my body, and you, dear reader, are not your's.

As I looked back over the landscape of my life and the many setbacks I endured, I saw that every loss also offered a gift, even if I hadn't recognised it at the time.

Whenever I was called upon to loosen my grip on some cherished part of my life, I was consequently given the opportunity to start again, to create anew something of value....every ending carried the seeds of possibility, a chance to start over.

Defiant chronicles the remarkable life of Janine Shepherd, an elite Ski Racer whose bid to represent Australia in the Olympics was cut short by a tragic accident. She recalls the ten days she hovered between life and death, faced with the difficult choice to let go or return to a body that would never be whole again. After six. months in hospital battling to rehabilitate her permanent disabilities, she not only taught herself to walk again - she earned her wings as both a pilot and an acrobatics instructor.

Happily married and raising three children, her life was again upended when she was forced to face a painful divorce, the loss of her home, and financial ruin. Undaunted, Janine persevered in managing her again re-invented life as single mum, as well as celebrated author and international speaker.

Janine Shepherd shares with candor and compassion the practical lessons she has learned throughout her continuing journey. Defiant offers hope and encouragement for anyone facing a life challenge, sharing the authors's hard-won wisdom and priceless advice for navigating one's way from loss to healing.