Defiance - Louise L. Kallaway


YOU ARE IN CONFLICT: You are trying to live in two time zones - subconscious responses from your childhood model belief system (your baggage) and current time.


-Reconcile literal, powerless childhood beliefs and current needs

-Convert the need for acceptance into self-acceptance

-Transcend fear and childhood model comfort zones

-Transform a yes-or-no, either/or world into shades of grey

-Move beyond your "need to belong" and its conformity issues

-A SHIFT IN YOUR AWARENESS: You will have the power you need to create your own identity and change your destiny - not something you believed was fait accompli when you were a child, nor to "fit-in" with the conformity issues and expectations of your teenagers generation.

LIBERATING YOUR PERSONAL POWER AND FREE WILL: Expanding and honouring your predictable maturing needs is the adults rite of passage.