Blueprint for Health - James Duigan


Are you ready to change your life?

Move towards optimal health with celebrity trainer and bestselling fitness author James Duigan. Expanding the "clean and lean" philosophy which was sold over a million books worldwide, this book covers James's four fundamental pillars of health (mindset, nutrition, movement and sleep) in one comprehensive wellbeing blueprint.

In easily digestible questions and answers, James will help you to realise why and how you need to alter different parts of your life, while 80 delicious recipes and a series of simple movement and meditative exercises will guide you gently towards balance in each area.

The essential blueprint for health will empower you not only to eat and look better, but also to feel and think better and "switch on" your body's capacity to function at its highest level. It will inspire you to become the best, happiest and fittest version of yourself, with a lean, strong and healthy body, and an absolute zest for life.