Astrology Through a Psychic's Eyes - Sylvia Browne


This book is psychic Sylvia Browne's statement on astrology. It is written in a humorous vein, yet it is a series work and is intended to educate the reader. Sylvia has done extensive research for this book and has used the most reliable data sources available: real people. She feels that astrology is a living discipline and must be studied face-to-face with humanity. Only by a close study of individuals, with all their fears, strengths, phobias, loves, and spirituality, will a true picture of astrology emerge. And as a practicing psychic, she is not mislead by the facades people wear. 

Sylvia has made her life's work a study of people, which is now available for you to learn from. We may sit back and enjoy the light she shine s upon all of us - her loved ones."