Always Dreaming - David Rivinus


We are all familiar with dreams. imagine seeing the individual events of our waking world metaphorically - like symbols in a dream. How would that affect the way we live, what decisions we make, with whom we associate? This intriguing idea was one David Rivinus began to ponder in earnest as a young man working in the education department of an outpatient mental health clinic. His magical new book will help you:

-Understand that the dream world and waking world are essentially the same

-Interpret "waking events" as symbols and valuable signposts for the course your life could take

-Gauge the current and possible future directions and health of your life

If we take advantage of the symbolic information that can be discovered in the events of our waking lives, this in addition to the symbols of sleeping dreams, we can make a profound shift in our thinking and behaviour. The personal stories contained in this book, when seen in the context of this unusual way of viewing life, will allow the reader to understand and appreciate the insight and wisdom such analysis can provide.