Accidentally Over-Weight - Dr Libby Weaver


In a dynamic, fresh approach to weight loss, acclaimed nutritional biochemist Dr Libby weaver shows that the 'calorie equation' - how much you eat versus how much you move - is not the only detriment of our body's shape and size. At the end of the day, if it was truly as simple as that, everyone would be trim, taut and terrific and there'd be no health consequences because of excess body weight.

Drawing on her 17 years of clinical practice, her strong scientific background in both nutrition and dietetics and her PhD in biochemistry, Dr Libby discusses the real factors that cause us to either lose or gain weight. These nine factors are:

-Calories - Stress Hormones - Sex Hormones - Liver Function - Thyroid Function - Gut Bacteria - Insulin - The Nervous System - Emotions

Let's face it - for many people it is not a lack of education that leads them to polish off a packet of chocolate biscuits after dinner, but their biochemistry and emotions. Accidentally Overweight explores the role of these two factors in fat storage and optimal wellness. This is not just another diet book - it is a life-changing way of understanding your body and health so that you can finally get the results you want.