Wicca Herbal Magic - Lisa Chamberlain


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Harness the power of herbs to enhance your magic and spellwork.

The plant world is full of versatile magical tools that can help you clear unwanted energy, boost divination, attract money and love, and much more. Bestselling Wiccan author Lisa Chamberlain provides a comprehensive introduction to working with herbs such as basil, dandelion, and sage in your everyday magical practice. Whether your new to herbal magic or to magic altogether, you'll find the basics to get you started, including:

-The history of herbal magic and our enduring relationship with plants

-Practical advice for purchasing, foraging, growing, drying, and storing herbs for magical use

-Profiles of the 13 most popular herbs used by magic practitioners and their potent properties

-Tables of magical herbs correspondences

-An herbal grimoire featuring a variety of spells, rituals and magic creations, including divination tea, healing love spell, luck charm sachet.....and much more!