White Spirit Animals - J. Zohara Meyerhoff Hieronimus D.H.L.


Beautiful rarities of nature, all-white animals are held sacred by many indigenous cultures and offer deep wisdom to all who will listen. Revered white animals include the White bear, White Lion, White Elephant, White Wolf, and White Buffalo. Each of these white spirit animals belongs to a species at the apex of their ecosystem, meaning the environment in which the live will unravel without them. Speaking through ancient and modern prophecy and the many humans who communicate with them, these "White Spirit Animals" are urgently calling to humanity to restore balance and protect our animal kin, ourselves and the earth.

Combing sacred elder lore, science, and her own telepathic dreams, Zohara Hieronimus looks at the special role played by White Spirit Animals in spiritual traditions and prophecy around the globe, where they are seen as guardians of animal wisdom, each with a special purpose and gift. She reveals how they have collaborated with humanity since the last ice age, inspiring spiritual practices and conferring shamanistic powers, and are considered the stewards of the great spiritual transformations that occur during transitional times. Sharing the waking visions of White Spirit Animals that called her to write this book, and their messages of CPR for the earth - conversation, preservation, and restoration - she explains how to use shamanic dreaming and trans-species telepathy to communicate with these great spiritual teachers. Exploring each one of the major White Spirit Animals - White Bear, White Lion, White Elephant, White Wolf, and White Buffalo - and the cultures in which they are honoured, the author shows, for example, how the White Buffalo is called a harbinger of peace and abundance by many Native American tribes and the White Bear, the great earth healer, teaches us about nurturance and patience. 

As a bridge between the spiritual and physical worlds, between humans and animals, White Spirit Animals are calling us to open our hearts to the wild, to the sacredness of the wind, the water, the earth, and dream a new world into being to heal our own personal and collective wounds and restore the earth to balance.