What Your Aches and Pains Are Telling You - Michel Odoul


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Our body speaks. Physical complaints - allergies, fever, sore throat, inflammation, cysts, back-ache, migraines, sinus problems, sciatica, dizzy spells, and even cancer - are all signs of deep tensions inside of us that are seeking expression. This is why, given the same genetic foundation, one individual develops a specific illness while others remain in good health.

Drawing on 20 years of experience and thousands of individual consultations with patients, Michel Odoul provides 'proof' of the clear correspondences between emotional and mental tensions and specific ailments. The author reveals how every illness or trauma is a signal of incredible precision: the part of the body affected pinpoints what your inner being is trying to tell you and what you need to work through emotionally. Providing a reference grid of the body-mind connections, he explains, for example, how skin conditions reflect difficulties with aggression from the outside world and knee problems indicate inflexibility or tension in relationships. He shows not only how each side of the body has specific connections to emotions, relationships, and family but also how the upper and lower halves of the body do as well - together forming four quadrants with unique yin yang balances, where yin represents emotional issues and yang represents action/inaction. Odoul also explores the role of the meridians of Chinese medicine in distributing emotional and mental energy throughout the body.

Offering keys to decipher what he body is trying to tell us, the author shows that we can learn to see physical ailments not as something caused by chance or fate but as a message from our heart and soul. By releasing the energies and patterns they point to, we can return to a state of health and forward movement on our path through life.