Well-Being Crystal Box


Well-Being Crystal Box contains:

Crazy Lace Agate: Balances the extremes of negative and positive emotions. It is known as the source of radiant joy and happiness, bringing strength and healing to the mind.

Rose Quartz Angel Aura: Is a stone of supreme love, giving it the ability to send love when needed, and allowing for magic to enter your life. 

Mangano Calcite: Radiates an energy of love and compassion, giving a boost of self-love and self-worth into your soul. It emanates a sense of calm, relaxing the state of mind to deal with situations that are stressful.

Blue Calcite: Soothes frayed nerves and reduces anxieties, offering mental and etheric protection. It absorbs emotional energy, filtering and purifying it, and then returning positive healing energy where needed.

Agate: Is a stone of acceptance and great inner strength, dissolving internal tension, and giving us courage to start again.

Sunstone: Instils joy, inner warmth, and nurtures the spirit, dissipating fearfulness, alleviating stress, and increasing vital life force within.

Boxed and gift tied with a meaning card.