We Are Never Alone - Anthony Quinata


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One of the hardest truths to grasp here on earth is that life never ends, and no one ever really dies. As author Anthony Quinata puts it, the souls on the other side want us to know they still care - they haven't abandoned or forgotten us, and they are available to help.

Reading like a Q&A session with the spirits on the other side, We Are Never Alone covers 52 topics in a discussion format that is both readable and dynamic. You'll find answers to each heart-felt questions as:

-What happens to someone who commits suicide?

-Do babies and children who die grow older in heaven?

-How will you recognise your loved ones on the other side?

-Can souls get "stuck" and need forgiveness?

-Is there such a thing as hell?

Also included is everything you need to know about communication with a medium - what to expect and how to prepare for your reading, information on the afterlife in general, and how prayer helps those who have passed.

Through his work with spirits and with the grieving here on earth, Quinata has found profound and universal truths to inspire us all.