We Are All In Shock - Stephanie Mines, PhD


We Are all In Shock provides the tools for reclaiming complete well-being after overwhelming experiences of shock, whether caused by the massive sweep of current events or a personal catastrophe. Dr Mines redefines psychological trauma  and revolutionises the concept of self-care by identifying the true cause of anxiety, explaining why it is so prevalent in society today and how, by recognising its effect, we can find new stability and healing. Parents, nurses, crisis workers, massage therapists, and body workers, psychotherapists, and the everyday reader will benefit from the practices.

We are All In Shock demystifies energy medicine by presenting the reader with tools  to help diminish and eliminate the nervous system's habitual responses to overwhelming events. Dr Mines work combines skills from Japanese energy healing art related to acupressure on the energy meridians of the body with the most contemporary scientific interpretation of how the brain works to offer a clear understanding of neurological behaviour. Let Dr. Mines help you understand and resolve your shock and traumas so you can live your best life now.