WE - A Manifesto For Women Everywhere - Gillian Anderson and Jennifer Nadel


Actor Gillian Anderson and journalist Jennifer Nadel, friends for more than a decade, have created the road map they wish they'd had for how to live a more meaningful life.

WE, is an uplifting, inspirational and intensely practical manual for change, providing nine universal principles that offer a path for dealing with life's inevitable emotion al and spiritual challenges. It's for everyone who wants to see her own life and the world around her change for the better.

By combining tools that are psychological, political and spiritual. WE takes readers on a life-changing journey. It asks: Why are so many of us - and our daughters - still, in the twenty first century, locked in depression and addiction, self-criticism and even self-harm? How much more effective and powerful would we all be if we replaced our current patterns of competition, criticism and comparison with collaboration, cooperation and compassion?

Putting these principles at the centre of our lives offers an antidote to our me-first culture and allows each of us to be freer and happier, and to replace destructive habits with a more positive, peaceful and rewarding way of living. WE is a rallying cry for women to join together and create lasting change in our own lives, our communities and across the world