Wake Up and Soar - Chris Nelson


Discover the compelling possibility of your life....

Contrary to popular belief, you are not limited by your genes, your upbringing, your education or any other set of circumstances. You alone create your own fulfilment by living your life according to your heartfelt desires.

You are the master of your own well-being.

In a world where stress and chronic disease are spiralling out of control, this book offers three simple keys that help you to unlock your unique potential:

Key 1 - RELAX - Learn to calm your. mind

Key 2 - NURTURE - Take charge of your wellbeing

Key 3 - FLY - Pursue your dreams

For each key there is a tool that allows you to harness the key's potential. These tools are rooted in the ancient wisdom of centuries-old Eastern teachings, but updated for use in our frantic 20th-century lives. Chris Nelson presents a "practice" that helps you to move from your normal fear-based state of mind to your more natural, loving quality of mind.

At the heart of the practice is the tool - SOAR, which guides you back to your natural quality of mind.

S - Slow Down

O - Observe inwardly and connect with your breathing

A - Accept all that is arising

R - Relax deeply