Unselfie - Michele Borba Ed.D


Is the Selfie syndrome undermining our kids future?

Teens today are 40% less empathic than those of thirty years ago. Why is a lack of empathy - which goes hand in hand with the self-absorption epidemic Dr Michele Borba calls the Selfie Syndrome - so dangerous? For starters, it hurts kids academic performances and leads to bullying. Also, it correlates with more cheating and less resilience. And once children grow up, a lack of empathy hampers their ability to collaborate, innovate, and problem solve - all must-have skills for the global economy.

In Unselfie Dr Borba pinpoints the forces causing the empathy crisis and shares a revolutionary, research-based nine-step plan for reversing it. Readers will learn:

-Why discipline approaches like spanking, yelling, and even time-out can squelch empathy

-How lavish praise inflates kids egos and keeps them locked in Selfie mode

-Why reading makes kids smarter and kinder

-How to help kids be Up-standers - not Bystanders - in the face of bullying

-Why self-control is a better predictor of wealth, health, and happiness than grades or IQ

-Why the right mix of structured extracurricular activities and free play is the key for teaching collaboration

-How to ignite a Kindness Revolution in your kids and in your community

The good news? Empathy is a trait that can be taught and nurtured. Dr Borba offers a framework for parenting that yields the results we all want: successful, happy kids who are also kind, moral, courageous, and resilient. Unselfie is a blueprint for parents and educators who want kids to shift their focus from I, me, and mine....to we, us, and ours.