Unfolding Our Light - MIchael Eastwood


Expanding on his work with the crystal Over-souls, Michael Eastwood explores a new vision for an awakening of humanity as we move into the fifth dimension. Unfolding Our Light offers a structured hands-on approach to personal, group and collective initiations supported by an entirely new way of working with crystal consciousness.

This book will help you to work with the ten auric layers and chakras of your energy body using ten attunements, the nine personal chakras and the earth star chakra. There is no specific order that the attunements should be done in, the reader simply selects the attunement they feel most drawn to at any given time.

This practical workbook offers you the opportunity to become attuned to the crystal Over-souls. Once activated through the mandalas, they will saturate your being with their consciousness and will help you to elevate, attune, and balance whatever needs it most.