Ultimate Energy - Tori Hartman - Eliza Swann - Kris Ferraro


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Our bodies are surrounded by and filled with powerful streams of energy that can be used to improve our mental, physical, and spiritual well being. Ultimate Energy is a collection of three books - Chakras, Auras, and Energy Healing - that will give readers  the tools to tap into their own unique energy using a variety of modalities and practices.

Chakras explains the associations and strengths of each of the seven chakras along with how to harness their power in your own life.

Auras explores the many-layered energy field that is the human aura and will teach you to sense and work with your own aura and others.

Energy Healing offers an exploration of a range of energy healing techniques from Reiki to EFT, and will help you find a practice that best suits your needs and interests.

Written by experts in the field, each book is designed with beginners in mind and includes exercises to kick start your practice along with a comprehensive resources section to help you continue your exploration of the power of energy. ultimate Energy is the definitive beginners guide to using energy as part of your health and wellness practice.