The soul loves the truth - Denise Linn


Reclaim the sacredness and simplicity of living!

Denise Linn believes that you don't need to suffer to grow, and that your life can be filled with joy no matter what has happened in your past (or what is happening in your present life). Although her life has been very challenging at times, this remarkable woman has discovered some secrets that can help you overcome a difficult family history, mend current relationships, manifest your dreams, and infuse joy into every waking moment.

Filled with intriguing, humorous, and sometimes heartrending stories from Denise's own experience, this book brings you powerful processes to rise above negative, limiting beliefs; get motivated; and fully understand your purpose. By doing the spiritual exercises in this book, you can completely transform your past....and your future.

Also, discover little-known secrets for attracting positive energy so that you can experience the world in a spectacularly delightful way!