The Path of Presence - Synthia Andrews, MD


Journey into your heart and into the heart of the universe.

Are you dedicated to a spiritual path, but not feeling as connected as you would like? Do you seek positive change for the earth, but feel helpless to act? Are you overwhelmed with personal challenges, or paralysed with fear, pain, or loss? do you have a vision that you have not been able to manifest? if so, its time to magnify your presence and let your light shine.

The Path of Presence introduces you to eight energy-based, awareness expanding practices that will strengthen your inner light and magnify your presence. Activating presence will help you:

-Find your inner power

-Increase your vitality

-Connect with spirit and intuitive wisdom

-Overcome limitation and adversity

-Find inner peace and outer peacefulness

-Manifest your highest potential

-Experience joy and creative expression