The Map of Consciousness Explained - David R. Hawkins


Using a unique muscle-testing method, Dr David R Hawkins conducted more than 250,000 calibrations during 20 years of research to define a range of values, attitudes, and emotions that correspond to levels of consciousness. This range of values - along with a logarithmic scale of 1 to 1,000 - became the map of consciousness, which Dr Hawkins first wrote about in his best-selling book Power v's Force.

With the map, Dr David R Hawkins laid out the entire spectrum of consciousness, from the lower levels of shame, guilt, apathy, fear, anger, and pride; to courage, acceptance, and reason; all the way up to the more expanded levels of love, ecstasy, peace, and enlightenment. These "higher" energy fields are a carrier wave of immense life energy.

An essential primer on the late Dr David R Hawkins's teachings on human consciousness and their associated energy fields, The Map of Consciousness Explained offers readers an introduction and deeper understanding of the Map, with visual charts and practical applications to help them heal, recover, and evolve to higher level of consciousness and energy.