The Health Habit - Elizabeth Rider


What if the best health of your life isn't just about what you do - or don't - eat?

The secret to having a healthy body and life you want isn't just in a rigid way of eating. It's in developing your own Health Habit. Coined by nutritionist and author Elizabeth Rider, your Health Habit is a skill, or set of skills, that allows you to make the best choices that serve you most. By focusing on action - not just theory - you won't even have to think about "being healthy". You just will be  - without the deprivation, shame, and OMG-do-I-really-have-to-choke-that-down overthinking and fear that come with restrictive diets.

With her fresh look at healthy living, 28-Day kick-start plan, 50 starter recipes, and online community, Elizabeth will get you started, keep you motivated, and connect you to health conscious people around the world.