The Good Karma Diet - Victoria Moran


Many popular diets call for avoiding some foods or eating others exclusively. But as The Good Karma Diet reveals, the secret to looking and feeling great is actually quite simple: Treat our planet and all it's inhabitants well. In this revolutionary book, bestselling author Victoria Moran reveals that by doing what's best for all creatures and the planet, you align your eating with your ethics - a powerful health and wellness tool if there ever was one.

The Good Karma Diet shows how favouring foods that are karmically good for you will help you:

-Extend youthfulness

-Sustain energy

-Reflect an enlightened outlook

-Take off those stubborn extra pounds

This book also includes the inspiring stories of men and women across the country who have made this simple mealtime shift and reaped "good karma" in every aspect of their lives. Follow this wise diet and lifestyle program and you will find yourself waking up in a good mood more often and having a luminous look that bespeaks health and clean living.