The Complete Book of Dreams - Stephanie Gailing


In The Complete Book of Dreams, wellness consultant Stephanie Gailing shows you how dreamwork can be an essential part of your self-care regimen, helping you connect to a life of greater well-being. And, since you need to sleep well to dream well, she also shares an arrray of slumber-inspiring tips and techniques. You'll discover practical strategies to take your sleep and dreams to the next level, including how to:

-elevate your ability to remember, journal, decode your dreams

-enhance your sleep and dreams with lifestyle practices and natural remedies such as essential oils, herbs and flower essences

-transform your bedroom into a sleep and dream sanctuary

-apply lucid-dreaming techniques and nightmare-reduction strategies

-use astrology to better understand your dreams

-help your children forge a deeper connection to their sleep and dreams

Filled with stellar insights and simple exercises, this beautifully illustrated book is a timeless resource that captures the essence of why dreams have been celebrated throughout history as carriers of awareness, wisdom, and healing.