The Basic Code of The Universe - Massimo Citro M.D


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DNA dictates the physical features of an organism. But what dictates how some things grows - from the division of cells in a human body to the fractal patterns of a crystal?

Massimo Citro reveals that behind the complex world of Nature lies a basic code, a universal information field - also known as the Akashic field, which records all that was, is, and will be. The basic code directs not only physical development and behaviour but also energetic communication and interactions among all living and non living things. Th author examines research on consciousness, quantum physics, animal and plant intelligence, the power of intention, emotional fields, Kirlian photography, and the effects of thoughts, emotions and music on water. Linking the work of Ervin Laszlo on the Akashic field, Rupert Sheldrake on morphogenetic fields, Richard Gerber on vibrational medicine, and Masaru Emoto on the memory of water, Citro shows how the universal information field connects every person, plant, animal, and mineral - a concept long known shamans and expounded by prennial wisdom. Putting this science of the invisible to practical use, he explains his revolutionary system of vibrational medicine, known as TFF (Transfer Pharmacological Frequency), which uses the information field to obtain the benefits of natural substances and medications in their "pure" informational form, offering side-effect-free remedies for health and well-being.