The 3 Dimensions of Emotions - Dr Sam Alibrando


Just as there is three dimensions of the physical world (height, width, and depth), there are three dimensions of the interpersonal world - power, love, and mindfulness. How well we learn to navigate them directly corresponds to how well we live our lives, how happy and fulfilled we feel.

Human reactivity is the source of most of our interpersonal problems and pain. The 3 Dimensions of Emotions introduces the concept of Working the Triangle, a unique practice that provides a compelling yet practical road map that can help you move from painful reactivity to productive proactivity in your relationships. And it works just as successfully for a CEO of a Fortune 500 company as it does for a parent struggling to communicate with a teenager.

The 3 Dimensions of Emotions is a new way to understand emotional intelligence and find your relational "sweet spot" - the dynamic intersection of power, love, and mindfulness. It will also help you to :

-Manage difficult people in your life

-Improve your emotional intelligence as a partner, parent, and friend

-Improve your emotional intelligence as a leader at work