The 11:11 Code - Hilary H. Carter


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Have you ever looked at the clock and been surprised at how often it says 11:11 or 2.22 or 3.33? The 11:11 Code tells the story of Yoga teacher Hilary Carter, who was brave enough to follow the coincidences around numbers to see what would happen. To her amazement the number signs led her to buy an ancient convent in Andalucia, Spain. Formerly a home to the Knights Templar, the building was both haunted and seemed to have a will of its own. 

This exploration of synchronicity, destiny and past lives is an inspiring example of discovering meaning behind events. With the difference, of course, that this is a true story. You will never look back at the world in the same way after reading this book, for once you are awakened to the 11:11 sign, there is no going back to sleep.