Stress Relief Crystal Box


This Crystal Box contains: 

Rhyolite: Carries the energy of confidence, enabling a "i've got this attitude". It clears away the distraction of toxic emotions, allowing you to follow your bliss and re-setting the mind, reminding you the most beautiful and astonishing things are created out of destruction and chaos.

Blue Kyanite: Aligns and energises all of the Chakras, clearing away any negativity that may be stored within the body and energy field, bringing a sense of calm  and tranquility.

Sodalite: Creates a sooting effect on over-stressed emotions, transforming negative feelings into harmony and balance, stilling the mind to bring an enlightened perspective to life.

Selenite: Instils deep inner peace, offering protection through angelic consciousness. It corrects and purifies imbalances that occur due to negative emotions, bringing clarity and light into your life.

Moonstone: Helps to clear the mind and centre the spirit, soothing emotional stress. Its energy sings to the words "may the sun bring you energy by day, and may the moon gently restore you by night. 

Lava Stone: Helps to soothe tensions, relax muscles, relieves stress, and assists in energising the whole body. It enables mental stability, grounding, strength, and courage during tumultuous times.

Comes boxed and gift tied with meaning card.