Spiritual Healing for Personal Prosperity - Edgar Cayce


Edgar Cayce lived through a time of global uncertainty, with the world at war, as well as a time when many faced personal economic hardship due to the Great Depression. So it's not surprising that a number of individuals cam et Cayce seeking relief from their personal financial problems. Of the thousands of readings Cayce gave, a full 200 address this topic spiritual economic healing.

Exploring the Cayce "Economic Healing" readings will teach you:

-How to put material wealth into its proper perspective;

-The importance of ideals and faith when working with financial issues;

-The value of service to others;

-How and why you should put to use what you already possess;

-And, ultimately, how to overcome your financial challenges.

Rather than seeing financial hardships as some sort of punishment or mistakenly assuming that the experience of poverty can somehow make someone more 'spiritual," the Cayce readings suggest that - seen correctly - the process of achieving economic healing can embody a worthwhile experience in personal growth.