Spirit Translator - Diana Cole


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If you've ever felt dissatisfied and trapped in your life or yearned for clarity, Spirit Translator offers a new source of guidance and wisdom by giving you the tools to connect with your spirit guide. 

In her work as a spirit translator, author Diana Cole has asked spirit thousands of questions on behalf of her clients and herself. These messages are distilled into the seven transformative truths for well-being and happiness that form the back-bone of the book. Diana outlines her own walk with spirit; how she transformed a shattered career and broken relationships into a fulfilling life with the help of her spirit guide.

Most important, she will help you meet and nurture a new relationship with your own spirit guides, beginning a dialogue that will transform your life. At its heart, Spirit Translator is a book of self-empowerment, enabling you to begin a conversation with the spirit that will become a life-long source of well-being and love.