Spirit Messages - Elizabeth Owens


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Have you ever felt the presence of a spirit subtly guiding you in life? Are you curious about how you may be able to connect more directly with the other side? Have you ever wondered what it would be like to confirm that your loved ones in spirit are at peace?

This book shares dozens of moving and thought-provoking stories that show what it's like to be a medium, with all the ups and downs that come along with these amazing gifts. Join bestselling author and certified medium Elizabeth Owens as she presents a variety of fascinating examples of how spirit communication is natural and beneficial to people from all walks of life. This book presents the most compelling and inspiring messages from Elizabeth's decades of experience as a practicing medium and spiritualist. Exploring seances, channelling, automatic writing, and more, Spirit Messages provides ideas and insights for how everyday people can connect to their personal guides and receive the wisdom that is waiting in the world of spirit.