Spirit Means Business - Alan Cohen


Can. you create a material success and keep your spirit alive? Is it possible to combine prosperity with purpose and passion? Can you sell your product without losing your soul?

Expert coach and beloved teacher Alan Cohen demonstrates the answer is yes. In Spirit Means Business, he identifies - and then dismantles - the 10 primary illusions that keep us from connecting spirituality and prosperity. To name a few: 

-If you want to succeed, you have to suffer first

-There's only so much to go around

-Competition is healthy and necessary

-To do well in your work, you must give up your life

In each case, Alan shows us how to replace the illusion with a higher truth, using principles that always work when we apply them consciously. You'll learn from down-to-earth examples of individuals who have combined soul and success, and you'll find crisp, clear formulas to bridge the gaps and surmount the hurdles along the way.

Drawing on wisdom sources from the Tao Te Ching to A Course In Miracles, as well as stories from Alan's clients and his own life, this book will help you navigate a spiritually sound path  to the success you desire.