Soul Love - Sanaya Roman


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This step-by-step guide to making soul contact and awakening your heart centres was given to Sanaya Roman by Orin, a wise and gentle spirit teacher.

As you read, you will be taking a wonderful journey of adventure and growth. You will prepare your personality, journey to the soul plane, and receive energy from the Enlightened Ones as you meet and blend with your soul. You will learn how to make your soul a part of your daily life, tapping into its strength, light, love, and other powers to assist you with daily living.

You will continue your journey by joining with your soul to awaken three heart centres that increase your ability to love yourself and others. You will learn how to work with your soul and the souls of others to experience the serenity and oneness of soul love, transform negative energy, release power struggles, stay true to yourself, and radiate the magnetic and unconditional love of your soul, drawing love and all good things to you.

As you continue, you will discover how to work with your soul to create relationships that are nurturing and that fulfil your higher purpose in being together. You will dissolve obstacles to love, explore the universal laws of relationships, and discover new ways to love. You will learn how to draw a soul mate and other people into your life.

You will culminate your journey by creating wheels of love to transform your relationships with friends, family, colleagues and groups you are a part of. You will join in a call to the Great Ones, to ask for love to awaken the heart centres of humanity, volunteering, if you choose, to become a shining light for others. You will experience the power of love, the most powerful energy in the universe.