Soul Lessons and Soul Purpose - Sonia Choquette


Soul Lessons and Soul Purpose is a book channeled by Sonia Choquette from her spirit guides, The Emissaries of the Third Ray. These highly evolved and loving light beings work specifically to bring about understanding, direction, and support to all souls so that we may learn to become the creative masters of the life we were intended to have on Earth. The guides state that Earth is a "soul school", and that we're here to master certain teachings in order to fulfil our purpose. Not only are we here to learn these 22 basic soul lessons, but the guides further explain that we progress in four stages - student, apprentice, journeyman, and finally master.Each lesson is laid out so that anyone-on any level-will be able to follow the instructions.

Taking this path will open the way for us to begin living as spiritual beings free from the negative patterns that bind our egos.These instructions quickly cut through barriers and speak directly to our authentic selves. The guides make it very clear that the time to learn lour soul lessons, open our hearts, and raise our vibration on the Earth Plane is now.Negative occurrences will worsen if our energy doesn't shift and elevate to a more loving level. We have no time to waste.