Skip The Guilt Trap - Gael Lindenfield


Guilt is that nagging feeling that something we have done, or haven't done, isn't right. It's essentially positive emotion but unless we deal with it in a constructive way it can turn against us. It will sabotage relationships and prevent us moving forward in our lives. 

Bestselling personal development expert Gael Lindenfield guides you through the various different types of guilt such as: childhood guilt, parental guilt, survivor guilt, religious guilt and carer's guilt.

Take practical steps to work through your feelings of powerlessness and unease and learn how you can:

-Change how you feel about mistakes and wrongdoings

-Repair your self-esteem and re-boot you confidence

-Apologise and make amends more effectively

-Avoid falling into guilt traps in the future

-Help others deal with their guilt