Simple Qigong - Dr. Yang, Jwing MIng


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This book offers beginners a smart way to learn Qigong, the ancient Chinese system of gentle breathing, stretching and strengthening movements.

You will use the Eight Pieces of Brocade, one of the most popular Qigong healing exercise sets, to improve your overall health and well being.

Choose the sitting set, the standing set, or both. Learn how to activate the Qi energy and blood circulation in your body, helping to stimulate the immune system, strengthen your internal organs, and give you abundant energy.

-Clear photographs show you correct postures

-Concise instructions tell you what to do

-Details inform you how the movements help

-Qigong theory explains why the exercises work

-Translations of ancient Chinese poetry provide key concepts to help you improve your practice

No matter your age or your physical condition, the Eight Pieces of Brocade is a wonderful way to improve your health and well being.