Shaman's Path Message Cards - Dr. Steven Farmer


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Shamanism is the most ancient healing modality in the world. The word 'shaman' originated from the Tungus people of Siberia and has been generally applied to mean someone who is able to soul travel into another dimension called non-ordinary reality. By performing a shamanic journey in this way, a shaman would receive guidance from the helping spirits and would return to ordinary reality to convey this information to the community. This guidance would often result in a sacred ceremony that the community would enact in order to receive blessings, healing, or information that would help them sustain their livelihood and their lives.

There is evidence that shamanic practice has occurred on every continent fo the last 40000 years, yet until recently it has been unknown to western civilisation. Shamanism and shamanic healing has experienced a revival in the past several years to where now many people have at least heard the term, while others have found themselves called to follow the shamans path.

The Shaman's Path Message Cards have been written with the intention of giving you inspiration and guidance that is based upon certain elements  of shamanism and shamanic healing. If shamanism is new to you, you'll be introduced  to some of the basic elements related to shamanic practice. If you're already on the path, you'll gain consistent confirmation and inspiration from these cards.